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Introducing our law firm

Just “do the job” is not enough for us. We want our services to go one step further.



We introduce you our law firm, an office formed by committed and talented lawyers.


Our objective is to develop long term relationships with our clients, in order to deliver first class legal services, in an efficient and dedicated manner. All our attorneys have a long-term vision, and our firm’s view attracts clients who also embrace our objectives, not only of the legal practice, but also on business in general. We seek to be recognized for having a modern vision, regarding our services, and also our internal corporate culture.


Practice Areas


ACU Abogados has important clients in the agribusiness sector –particularly in the fruit, wine and food industries –

Corporate. Merger & Acquisitions

ACU Abogados regularly advise its clients in general corporate matters.

Water Law

We have a team with extensive experience advising clients in the agroindustry, hydroelectric and sanitary sectors.

Real Estate

Our expert real estate lawyers share an innovative real estate legal practice among a broad range of real estate projects and assets.

Capital Market

ACU Abogados advice borrowers and lenders, including local banks and financial institutions, insurance companies and investments funds.


ACU Abogados give legal support and advise to its clients to comply with anti-trust laws and regulations, regularly participating in consulting and sanctioning processes.

Venture Capital/ Private Equity

ACU Abogados has extensive experience in the venture capital and private equity industries.

Intellectual Property

Digital Contracts

ACU Abogados advise their clients on the protection and safeguarding of their Intellectual Property assets and advises its clients in all matters relating to digital contracts.

Laboral Law

ACU Abogados deliver legal counsel in contracting processes and termination of labor relation and compensation packages.

Tax Law

ACU Abogados deliver comprehensive advice in connection to tax planning, to all persons, entities and commercial organizations.

Family Companies

We have extensive experience advising high net worth family businesses in Chile, their controllers and owners, providing tailor-made and personalized solutions, in their business and investments

Energy and Natural Resources

ACU Abogados offers extensive experience in transactional and regulatory matters in the electricity and gas industries.


ACU Abogados has advised major national and international companies in their projects in Chile.

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