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Our Firm

We introduce you our law firm, an office formed by committed and talented lawyers.


Our objective is to develop long term relationships with our clients, in order to deliver first class legal services, in an efficient and dedicated manner. All our attorneys have a long-term vision, and our firm’s view attracts clients who also embrace our objectives, not only of the legal practice, but also on business in general. We seek to be recognized for having a modern vision, regarding our services, and also our internal corporate culture.


The entire team of ACU Abogados is focused on delivering legal services on a close manner, so please feel free to contact directly any of our attorneys.

Our Vision

We want to be recognized as a firm that promotes diversity. Accordingly, we are permanently improving our internal policies to attract diverse attorneys and associates. Our success is on the quality of our services, and since our services come from our people, we want to support and be part on the success of our team. One of the reason for the creation of ACU Abogados was the pursue of our vision, where different optics met in an inclusive way.


Our purpose is that our services are distinguished for having a tailor-made and approachable relationship with the clients that trust us. The team of ACU Abogado –despite being a “new” firm– have worked together for several years, therefore our intention is to keep and improve our legal services, with special focus on the client, high performance and fast delivery. We are convinced that our success as a team is based on our lawyer’s ability to be fast, accurate, and with tailor-made answers to the objectives and needs of our clients, we want this to conduct and guide us in the years to come.

Just “do the job” is not enough for us. We want our services to go one step further.

(ACU Abogados)

Our Principles

Go in Depth

Always looking to understand the business behind a transaction, as well as specific and individual circumstances of our clients. By doing so we can deliver a proactive, creative and preventive legal service, with a business-oriented approach, to strategically attend specific needs.

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